Have a look at my first unofficial trailer.


In 2014, I would like to make a movie about my experiences gained during the Majer István Remembrance tours.

However, I don't want to give up cycling. Since I want to make interviews with my fellow travellers,

I will have to visit them - of course by bike.

This would be the project of this year...


Learn more about the remembrance-tour of István Majer.

John Doe


In 2011, as my first serious tour I planned a 6000km, three-month-long, tour through 7 countries. Although I met with Előd and Lehel on my way and we decided to continue our tours together on a little bit modified rout: we wanted to discover a part of the east, so we shipped from Italy to Albany. We managed to do 6800 km instead of the planned 6000 km through 11 countries. The boys accompanied me to my home, so it is appropriate to bike with them home, as well. After a few days off, we continued our way to Transylvania. So I finished the tour of 2011 in 4 months, through 8000 km...


Jane Helf

Paris (+Mont Blanc)

In 2012, because of my work I could take „only“ two months off. The 4000km long tour had to be mastered with something as the tour of last year. I was carrying the necessary equipment for ascending to Mont Blanc, so I needed a trailer, too, and the weight of my bike became 88kg. Toncsi from Szentes was riding along Mont Blanc many times, however he never ascended to the peak, so he decided to join me...


Joshua Insanus

Karpatian basin

Istvan bacsi’s anniversary of birth was in 2013, so a tour around Carpathian basin was organized, during which I held many experience presentations. The 2000 km and one-month-long tour was my girlfriend’s first bike tour. This tour was different than the previous ones in many ways. On one hand, because until that time I was mostly alone on my tours, on the other hand, because it was more organized...



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